How Does It Work? is an easy to use tool that enables golfers to track and analyze performance.

In just a few simple steps you can begin to analyze the game in much greater detail than would otherwise be possible.


Step 1: Capture your Round

Use your smart phone as you play.




Or, use your desktop computer once you’ve finished your round.



Step 2: Review Round Statistics - Once your round has been entered, Scorecaddy automatically analyzes your performance and provides valuable feedback about your game.  Here you’ll begin to pick up on trends, so you can make better decisions on where to spend your time.  

Click the image below to see a detailed view of the Round Summary.



Step 3: Review Aggregate Stats - Once you’ve entered several rounds you’re on your way to greatness. You enter detailed information about each round, but your ultimate goal is to look at how you’re playing over time so you can get better.

Click the images below to see a detailed view of the Aggregate Statistics section.





Drill in to see where players are improving or slipping – Look at trends over time for continual refinement.





 Competition is healthy – Use the team leader board to reward success, or just have some fun. 


Plenty of existing courses – You can always add more. Attach to your team or list of favorites.




Two options await you – The free tier lets you enter rounds along with other users on this tier. The paid tier lets you create a private team from which you can invite players and see all of their stats (including yours) in one place. You can set thresholds, message your players – there are many additional features for paid tier users.




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